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Prophetic Economy Belgium is getting closer

October just started and with it, a new event inspired by Prophetic Economy. This time in Belgium.

This is a journey of exchange and formation that will take place in Brussels, Belgium, on October 12. The registrations to participate close on Friday, October 4 and can be done through the website https://www.propheticeconomybelgium.org/

The event is aimed at people, companies, and organizations interested in a more fair economy, at the service of people, the environment and the future, with special attention to the poor. During the event will also be awarded the winners of the "best practices competition". The aim of this competition is to give visibility and recognition to innovators who guided by a bold vision or a true vocation, transmit positive energy to the economy. Uncovering these gems is essential to building a better future. Through their actions, these innovators are paving the way to a just and sustainable future.

The preparation of the great event has been in the hands of young people, entrepreneurs, change-makers, and organizations that believe passionately in human development & sustainability. In order to do this, they have already made two stages prior to the big event. The first was in Gent and the last one took place this week in Brussels, in the facilities of a social restaurant. The objective of these previous meetings is to invite people, organizations and projects that are interested in collaborating with the initiative. (The program of the event is available HERE)

If you are interested in getting more information about the event, a website has been created especially for this occasion and is available in French and Flamingo: www.propheticeconomybelgium.org or you can write to the email: propheticeconomybelgium@gmail.com

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