This competition is taking place as part of the international ‘Prophetic Economy’ 2018 event, which will take place in Castelgandolfo, Italy from 2- 4 November. 

This competition aims to give visibility and acknowledgement to the many change makers who, guided by a bold vision or a deep vocation, transmit positive energy at the service of the common good. They inhabit a just and sustainable future through their actions.

We want to stimulate inventivness, debate and creativity in the search for sustainable solutions to social and environmental problems of our times.


Experiences or projects which are currently underway or realised in the past and concluded no earlier than 2016.

The competition is open to all individuals or groups, whether on a personal basis or by means of their belonging to public, private or non-profit organisations, regardless of country of origin, provided that: (a) they are adults in the country of origin; minors' candidatures must be subscribed by an adult (b) they have authority and/or consent of the organisation in question to participate in the competition on their behalf.

The projects in question have to follow an integral approach, involving economic development and at the same time inclusive and sustainable, in other words, aimed at ensuring the dignity of each person, while respecting environmental limits. (***)






Aug, 31st



Sep, 15-18th

Sep - Oct

Nov, 2-4th

Competition Opens

Competition Closes


Request for further information from short-listed entries


Announcement of finalists


Communication Coaching for finalists


PRIZE CEREMONY:  Live during "Prophetic Economy" event- Italy & Worldwide


In order to enter a practice or experience, every individual or organision must:

1.    Fill and send in the provided form, which includes information about the person/organisation and the specific practice. (IN ENGLISH). 

2.    Send a short video of 2-3 minutes which explains (a) the contribution to a prophetic economy and an inclusive, sustainable society; (b) the motivation behind the action. The video must be in English, or with English subtitles, or sended with a translated text.

3.    Send the signed privacy and data protection document.

4.   In case of minors participation, the signed parental consent document.

An organisation or individual can make more than one entry. In such a case, please fill in one entry per practice you wish to enter into the competition.


A jury, comprising experts, will examine and evaluate the projects based on a series of parameters:

  • Level of integration of social, economic and environmental sustainability in practice

  • Results produced

  • Positive impact (the sustainable change in the conditions of people, social relations or on the environment which the intervention contributed towards)

  • Originality of the experience

  • Involvement of numerous actors (institutions, associations, etc) in bringing about the change

  • Use of participatory processes in the creation and development of the project or practice.


The 3 winners will be invited to present their entries LIVE during the "Prophetic Economy" event, internationally forecast,

and will receive a prize.

1st: 3000 euro

2nd: 2000 euro

3rd: 1000 euro

Short list:

The following top ten shortlisted experiences or practices will have the chance to present their experience in side-events, and receive the feedback of international experts and pairs.

Scientific Panel for "Prophetic Economy in Practice" Award 2018

Dr. Vandana Shiva


Dr. Jeffrey Sachs


Dr. Cristina Calvo


Prof.Stefano Zamagni



They make this contest possible: 

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Present your practice of "Prophetic Economy"


Send by email: 

  • the filled form with the link to the video, 

  • the signed Privacy Circular ,

  • In case of minors participation, the signed parental consent document.

You will receive a confirmation email.

Check the timeline process. 

***The prizes offered are intended for organizations or groups that, using Prophetic Economy practices, have social or beneficial purposes, no doubt concerning the practice or the project participating in the competition. In fact, it alongside the aim of giving visibility to winning practices, it has, fundamentally, that of encouraging organizations to put into practice actions or projects that positively affect the environment and man. The competition, therefore falls within in the exclusion contemplated by letter e), paragraph 1, of art. 6 of the d.P.R. 430/2001 (Italy).